Vision / Mission

Vision / Mission

Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen is a private hospital with 103 beds, providing services for both common diseases and for specific health conditions. The hospital is able to provide tertiary-level care to patients with the use of modern medical equipment and advanced technology. The staff consists of a medical team, a nursing team, a multidisciplinary team, and a support team that is knowledgeable and competent. The hospital is equipped with 40 outpatient examination rooms and 103 inpatient beds.

Vision Statement:

Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen is a private hospital in the northeastern region of Thailand that aims to be excellent. This will be achieved by providing care that meets international standards with a focus on patient satisfaction and by providing service that is attentive and ethical.

Mission Statement:

Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen is focused on providing tertiary-level healthcare in accordance with international standards. Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of service; ensure the use of appropriate medical technology; efficiently use energy and resources; and emphasize growth in the organization that is stable, transparent, and verifiable.


B: Beyond Excellence (Aim to meet the high standards we set for performing our duties. In order to fulfil our roles and responsibilities, we do whatever it takes to get the job done. We also assess and track our own performance.)

D: Deep empathy (Listen to the concerns of others. We listen, and then we acknowledge the emotions and situations that others are facing. We respect others, do not judge others on appearance, and respond to others with professional courtesy.)

M: Moral commitment (Be open and honest at work. We behave in accordance with the BDMS Code of Conduct.)

S: Service with Thai Hospitality (Have clear communication and keep track of it. Clear communication results in consistent job performance. We also evaluate the satisfaction of our patients through observation.)

Corporate Governance:

Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen uses a system for corporate governance. In order to operate the organization in a stable, transparent and verifiable way, a Board of Directors has been appointed to oversee Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen. The Board consists of representatives from the hospital administration, shareholders, and consultants. The Board is responsible for establishing the medical staff organization (MSO) and supervisory nurses’ organization, following up on the performance relative to professional standards, enacting the corporate governance process, and transmitting and assigning policies from the Board of Directors of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Limited Company to the hospital management committee and to other committees in order to enact and enforce the patient care process such that it is in accordance with professional standards, as well as other management duties. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with the rules, regulations, and relevant laws; that no incidents of ethical violations are found; and that no environmental or social standards are violated.


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